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will teach your staff how to DJ with the same skill set as the top pro DJs in the world through our STEAM based program.  We cover topics such as Equipment Functionality, Phrasing, Mixing & Performance Preparation. 

Your staff will learn how to teach your students our program, assemble & trouble shoot, add new music, make recordings and setup events to showcase your students. 

Your staff will receive on-site training from Walt White, the Native Instruments Traktor National Product Specialist.  Walt is the top DJ educator in the world presenting a DJ curriculum that is custom designed for 10-16 year old students on the most popular DJ software in the world.

The School of Beats DJ performance and music production programs are a teacher of teacher education platform.  We train your staff how to teach our cutting edge curriculum and teach them the DJ and music production skills necessary to demonstrate in class.  


Your program will receive one or multiple turn-key DJ systems that are ready to teach or perform with they arrive at your facility.    The systems include a DJ Controller, MacBook Laptop (with clean edit music, dj software and curriculum installed), speakers, headphones and protective lockable case or cart.  


With our optional (strongly suggested) music subscription, your program will receive monthly updates of the months current billboard hits.  The most important thing about this music is that the songs are CLEAN DJ EDITS of the biggest hit on the billboard charts.  These DJ edits of popular songs are critical for the success of your program.  


Your program will also receive  full IT support for your system and your teachers.  We can remote into any system anywhere and fix issues and will speak with your teachers on the phone to sort out any issues they might have.



Custom configured (10 hours labor per system) Macbook Pro computer with the following:

- Traktor Scratch Pro DJ Software with customized midi mappings for the Pioneer DDJ800 Controller specifically designed for simplified usage and instant gratification effects to accommodate a beginner adolescent student.

- Custom Configured Web Portal with access to online curriculum presentations, online teacher tutorials and file sharing portal for new music.

- Fully loaded 3000+ song DJ library. All music is clean DJ edits with perfect meta data, Camelot keys embedded, genre sorted and waveforms striped.

- Universal Login Account created to give access to Google Drive, Drop Box, School Of Beats eMail Address, Teamviewer, Ultimix, Apple and Native Instruments.


Pioneer DDJ800 DJ Controller w/1 year warranty


Pioneer DDJ800 DJ Controller Flight Case


Jawbone Bluetooth Speaker




Monthly Music Subscription Service from Ultimix with a 3 year backlog of 3000+ songs including classic packs & vocal loops. All music is sorted and custom edited to contain perfect meta-data such as key, bpm and genre.


24/7 Online Remote Support provided by directly by the Native Instruments National Product Specialist, Walt White to any School Of Beats DJ system for repairs, supplemental tutorials or anything the DJ program might need.

24/7 Phone Support provided by directly by the Native Instruments National Product Specialist, Walt White to any School Of Beats DJ Program.

Licensed Access to our custom learn to dj tutorials for instructors to refresh their knowledge of DJ skills. Videos use our adult version of the School Of Beats Curriculum on the Prezi platform with the Traktor Scratch Pro Software and Pioneer DDJ800 DJ Controller.

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