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We will teach your staff how to DJ with the same skill set as the top pro DJs in the world.  We cover topics such as Equipment Functionality, Phrasing, Mixing & Performance Preparation. 

Your staff will learn how to teach your students our program, assemble & trouble shoot, add new music, make recordings and setup events to showcase your students. 

DJ201 is our pathway to live remixing and STEM based performance.  In this phase of the curriculum, students will learn how to use and manage stem files in a live performance environment.  STEMS are the building blocks producers use to create music.  They are the parts and pieces that make the songs your students listen to every day.  Using the Native-Instruments proprietary Remix Decks and STEMs Decks and partnering dj controller, students will be able to remix music live in their performance.  The songs they remix will be the exact same popular billboard hits they performed with in DJ101.  Using STEMs in a performance gets the student thinking about the parts and pieces that make up a song and shows them how the parts can be manipulated and changed, bringing them one step closer to full audio production while still keeping them engaged using songs they know and love.  The DJ201 curriculum is about 10 hours of teaching time to complete the program.  You also receive a remix deck controller and project files along with our curriculum.  

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