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We will teach your staff how to DJ with the same skill set as the top pro DJs in the world.  We cover topics such as Equipment Functionality, Phrasing, Mixing & Performance Preparation. 

Your staff will learn how to teach your students our program, assemble & trouble shoot, add new music, make recordings and setup events to showcase your students. 

DJ101 is our entry level DJ performance curriculum using a customized version of Traktor Pro.  In this phase of the curriculum, students learn the history of DJing, functionality of typical dj gear and the basic skills necessary to perform in a typical dj gig such as stage presence, music theory, phrasing, layering, mixing and operating effects.   The DJ101 curriculum is about 10 hours of teaching time to complete the program not including the additional 6 hours of extra curricular topics at the end.  By the 5 hour mark in the curriculum, your students should be able to successfully DJ a school dance or similar social dance events.  This is the first step on the road to giving your students the basic building blocks to become an audio engineer or a successful performer in the electronic music industry.

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