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With Apple Garage Band Software On iPad

Our New Remote Learning Music Production Curriculum

Our iPad based music production curriculums cover topics such as Live Loops, Sound Creation, Song Structure, mix down and basic mastering. We use Apple Garage Band on iPad with the Prezi Presentation platform to deliver the curriculums.

In iGB101 we take you through the entire song creating process, starting with the exciting “Live Loops” clip launching environment, designed to introduce the structure of music making in a fun and informative way. You will learn how to navigate “The Grid” in order to remix your favorite songs and well as add your own musical elements in real time. 


This leads Perfectly into the “Tracks” musical idea creation environment. Here you will learn to create your own sounds using the built-in keyboard and instrument modules. 


Finally taking everything you’ve learned so far you will record your Live Loop performance, record your own song composition and share it via email, messenger or your favorite social media sites. 

Excited about iGB101?  

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